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Ditch the Jell-O: Rethinking Hospital Food

Hospital food is notoriously gross. But chefs who are interested in serving patients while maintaining a flavor-focused approach to foodservice are working on changing that stereotype. Some, such as the chefs at the Virtua Hospital in Voorhees, New Jersey, have...

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IFMA’s President’s Conference: Five Observations

Foodservice IP, among a record 450,000 others, attended the International Foodservice Manufacturer's Association President’s Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona from November 5-7. Our intention was clear - to educate ourselves on the current industry happenings, see...

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Innovation Session? Better Questions Lead to Better Answers.

Innovation is one of those terms like “strategy.” Unless one is an academic, the definitions and shared understanding are rather abstract. Just ask someone to put together a “strategy” document, and see how many colleagues indicate it is either a tactical, operating...

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Trick or Treat? Trends Affecting Foodservice this Fall

As the weather cools, the pumpkin spice latte makes its long-awaited return and couples everywhere make their annual trek to go apple picking. Fall truly is America’s favorite season—more than twice as popular as second place summer. But ask any child what the...

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3 Ways Suppliers Can Respond to Younger Chefs’ Needs

  The acclaimed tv show “The Bear” follows young two chefs—Carmy and Sydney—as they and their team of co-workers race to make their impact on the Chicago culinary scene. In many ways, “The Bear” captures a lot of culinary life—both good and bad. It also reflects...

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Five C-Store Trends: The View From the Street

Earlier this year, we completed our latest study on capturing opportunities in c-store prepared foods. It’s robust reporting with data on operator perspectives and plans as well as consumer behavior and attitudes. (And it’s currently on sale for a limited time!) But...

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