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Some Observations from the 2024 NAMA Conference

If you weren’t able to attend the NAMA conference in Dallas the week of May 6, I have some of my own observations to share. I’ll begin by thanking NAMA for the opportunity to be involved: I appreciated being asked to present findings from our recent micromarket study...

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In an Era of Data and A.I., Customer Service Reigns Supreme

Since ChatGPT launched in November 2022, artificial intelligence has been an unavoidable topic. Much ink has been spilled on how artificial intelligence will take our jobs (it may displace some workers, but historically, technology creates jobs) or create a...

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Increasing Profits & Convenience: The Case for Micromarkets

  A recent Foodservice IP blog covered the return to the office and how sandwiches could present an opportunity for operators seeking to turn hungry workers into customers. Sandwiches appeal to office workers while delivering higher ticket totals to operators. In...

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Sandwiches: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

In spite of the productivity gains remote workers had during the pandemic, more and more companies are transitioning back to the office—at least part time. Last fall, commercial building occupancy rates in major cities ranged from 40-60%. So, while there are fewer...

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Foodservice Success Favors Predicting Consumer Spending Shifts

As Foodservice IP caveats each year, 2024 brings both challenges and opportunities. The angle we’ll take on this edition is the impact of consumer spending on the industry - after all 75% of GDP is consumer spending and DPI is the lifeblood of foodservice. Despite...

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What Will Foodservice Segments Resemble in 2024?

  As we enter this new year, news outlets, clients, and inquiries from industry forums consistently seek our insights into the upcoming trends in the foodservice sector. The resounding response is that 2024 is poised to resemble its predecessor closely—much like...

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