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Should You Attend the NRA Show this Year? Yes and No.

  After a two-year hiatus the National Restaurant Show is finally returning to real time. We expect to see Ecolab prominently displayed as we enter the showroom to the right and to fight our way through the J&J Snack Foods crowd.    But is it worth it...

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Five Changes to Expect This Summer

The Covid-19 virus still is infecting the globe but there will come a time when we just have to accept it.  Still, Shanghai is in lockdown, and the foodservice supply chain counts on materials from China. So what about inflation? Midterm elections? Rising fuel prices?...

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The Loss Leader All Restaurants Have, But Underutilize

What if I told you that your convenience store has a loss leader with universal appeal? What if I told you that maximizing the draw of that asset would not require much additional investment over your regular operating procedures?   What if I told you that the...

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The Appetite for Buffets? It’s All-You-Can-Eat

Like I’ve written many times before, when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in the United States in March 2020, the foodservice industry had to pivot. While many were able to quickly transform the models to take-out, delivery, or food kits, buffets were in trouble. After...

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