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Want to Innovate? Be a Fleet, Not a Ship

Why do large companies find it so difficult to innovate? After all, they presumably became large companies by being innovative. Whether they created a new product, found a new market, or simply developed a way to deliver products more profitably, large companies...

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Innovate or Die: The Cost of Arrogant Cultures

Peter Drucker famously wrote “innovate or die.” Firms that do not look to the future while leading the present are very likely to slide into obsolescence. In our practice, we have our share of clients that are leaders in their space, yet look to us for strategic...

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Your Firm’s Purpose Should Define “Why” it Exists

Your firm’s purpose describes the unique value it brings to the world. It’s the core of your strategy. It determines who you are, why you matter. It should be clear and easy for stakeholders to understand because your overall strategy flows through it.   What...

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Sheetz and Discounted Fuel: The Industry Should Take Note

For the July 4th holiday, Sheetz announced it is dropping prices on two types of gas to help drivers save money at the pump. Effective immediately, the convenience store chain is charging $3.99 a gallon for Unleaded 88 and $3.49 a gallon for E85, according to a...

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How Long Can Foodservice Endure Spiking Gas Prices?

For a multitude of reasons, gas prices are increasing in the United States. Oil and gas production is still recovering from the pandemic slowdown, the specter of inflation looms large, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine (and subsequent economic sanctions of Russia)...

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