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Cloud Kitchens Are the Winners During Covid-19

This week, FAT Brands, owner of Fatburger and Hurricane Grill & Wings, announced it partnered with ghost kitchen facility Epic Kitchens in Chicago.  CEO Andy Wiederhorn said offering multiple off-premise channels is crucial during the coronavirus because "ghost...

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Walking the Tightrope: Marketing During the Pandemic

In a recession, marketers must remember to stay flexible and adjust their strategies and tactics on the assumption of a long, difficult slump. But even during a recession, new products have an important place. Firms need to stay agile enough to respond quickly when...

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Time to Abandon Brand and Sales Plans?

In light of Covid-19, many firms are resorting to a business application of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs —  to take care of their employees first. This means that setting up employees for remote production and keeping them paid and healthy are priorities beyond long...

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How Will Restaurants Weather the Coronavirus? Suppliers?

A number of questions have bubbled to the surface over the past week as the events of the Coronavirus have unfolded. And by the time this is published, the questions will likely continue to mount.  The main concern is the longevity and vitality of independent...

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What Research-Based Consulting Can Teach Us About Coronavirus

Today’s Wall Street Journal article titled, Don't Jump to Conclusions when America's Coronavirus Iceberg Emerges, discusses the proverbial tip of the iceberg regarding the global Coronavirus outbreak and how the current "facts" we have on the topic reveal an important...

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